Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Desk-side Lip Balms – Work Edition

Yes, I am 28 and I have a Teddy keyring!

My favourite lip treatments Barriedem and Ceralip apart(which I only after a shower and before going to bed) I have a good selection of lip balms on my desk at work. With the colder weather now truly and officially here to stay and the indoor heating system set on full blast mode, every bit of skin that is exposed tends to get very dry if not properly moisturised. And a major problem area of dryness for me are my lips. The other day I went into Waitrose for grocery shopping and by the time I walked out my lips had gone crazy, they were literally cracking along the lip line, which is a very unsightly and painful experience. While at my desk I try and keep my lips  moisturised all the time. These lip balms are not the most moisturising and I seem to have to reapply them every 30 minutes or so, but they are handy and add a bit of fun with their tint n all.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm – I have had this pot for years now. In the spring and summer the hydration I get out of Barriedem at night is enough to see me through the day, but come winter I seem to dig out every lip moisturiser that I can get my hands on. This one smells divine and also has a discernible taste, so I see myself licking it off pretty quickly and then having to constantly re-apply. It is a bit thin in consistency and gives lips a good pinky glossiness, which lasts for about 10 seconds before I have eaten it all off!

Boots Lip Salve Strawberry – It is obvious I have a thing for strawberry flavoured lip products! This is in a stick format, similar to the Nivea lip balms. White and waxy, it is actually pretty nourishing. Definitely fares better in the lasting department compared to the body shop one and I don’t seem to lick it off that soon. You can see I have reduced it to a tiny little stub.

Korres Lip Butter Pomegranate – Dang there was no strawberry flavoured one available! I bought this on the above mentioned Waitrose trip when I was in dire need of something to put on my lips. I have heard a lot about Korres lip butters but it is my first time trying them. This gives the best tint ever, a pinky coral colour, looks like I have lip gloss on. It is easy to apply and keeps lips moisturised for a short while before you have to reapply again. It leaves a nice lip mark on my coffee cups, I like!

Are you a lip balm junkie? Which one is your favourite?