Friday, 27 December 2013

Best 130 Rupees Spent... Ever!

Today's post is all about humiliating myself on the internet by posting pictures of me wearing a turban! This hair turban thingy cost me all of Rs 130. I bought it when I was at a store called Diva in Chennai trying to buy an anarkali. I failed at the latter miserably, but atleast I scored this little gem right?! At that point I had no idea we would soon become inseparable. I wash my hair almost every single day and use this turban every single time I wash my hair. My hair hits mid-way between the shoulder and the waist and this is the perfect size for that length of hair or even one slightly longer than that. 

This is my attempt at explaining how I use it - I lean over the bath and throw all my hair forward, wet hair completely, shampoo, condition and wash it all off. Then I reach for this turban while my hair is still dripping wet and while I am still in the leaning over position. Wrap the wider part around the head, this will ensure all the hair hanging forward is contained in the length of a turban, twist and secure the loop around the button on the other end and voila we are done! 

I then get dressed and do my makeup while my hair is up in the turban. When I am finally ready to style my hair, it is in the perfect towel-dried state, not dripping wet but not completely dry either which is perfect for me as most days I just go to work with absolutely no styling whatsoever.

You might think I am silly obsessing over a piece of washcloth shaped to fit around the head, but trust me this stuff has been life-changing! Whenever this handy little gem goes into washing I feel a little bit crippled. I am planning to get a few more of these when I visit Chennai next time. It has been my most used hair accessory of the year, thereby making the Rs130 spent on it the best "investment" ever! Do you use one of these turbans??? Or are you a one-towel fits all kind?