Sunday, 1 December 2013

A'kin Rosehip Oil - RAVE!!!

A'kin - come on, smear me on your face...
Me - WHAT? Oil on my oily skin?! No WAY
A'kin - come on, smear me on your face...
Me - ABSOLUTELY NOT! I cannot go to work looking like a grease tin!
A'kin - come on, smear me on your face...
Me - Arghhh you are so annoying... Will you shut up if I do?
A'kin - Yesssssss hehehe

Reluctantly spreads 3-4 drops of A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip oil on the face and squeals "OMG My face is plumper and softer than my daughter's little bum!!!". Silliness apart, this stuff really is amazing. You must read what A'kin says about this oil, it is pretty spot on

It is a coppery liquid, not greasy but not too watery either, no need to wash hands with soap post-application. When I first used it on my face it distinctly smelt of haystack! The smell brought back a few childhood memories of summer holidays spent aimlessly wandering in the sun in my native village. Ahh those days, not a worry in sight, didn't even have to worry about sunscreen, wrinkles, sun damage etc etc! Did you have a native village, where you spent your holidays with cousins, chasing chickens and milking cows??? I digress... 

On to the important stuff - Do you know what hay smells like? NO? In that case you have to buy this oil just to know that! You will also get the added advantage of instantly plumped up skin. The oil leaves behind no greasiness whatsoever, just soft, hydrated, touch-worthy skin. As for radiance/vibrancy, I haven't really noticed any difference. I use the oil mostly as a night-time treatment and I see myself reaching for this over everything else I have in my skincare stash, over even my favourite hydraluron. Simply because once I apply the oil I do not feel the need for anything else on top, it takes care of those pesky dry spots and my skin fees more balanced than ever before. The best part is that the results are literally instantaneous, no waiting for a week or until the next morning to reveal lust-worthy skin. I LOVE this stuff. 

As for A'kin as a brand, they are into natural products that are not formulated without synthetics, parabens, unnecessary fragrance blah blah. From reviews online, apart from the Rosehip oil which has a loyal fan base, they also seem to have some other really good skincare gems which I am intrigued to try out.

This is my first experience with a facial oil which turned out pretty stellar. Now I want to try others like the Clarins Lotus oil, Kielh's midnight recovery concentrate and Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial. Do you use oils on your face? Leave any recommendations if you do and found something you love.

You can get it from here for Rs 1600. 

And a random picture for you! Self-obsessed much?!