Sunday, 22 December 2013

2013 Amazing Finds - Skincare

Skincare Heroes 2013

Facial Oils
This is part-2 of the 2013 amazing finds series. I have talked about this year's amazing makeup finds here. Now on to skincare - I have bought a whole hoard  of skincare items this year, so to choose only one or two from that makes it a little bit difficult because almost all of them have helped my skin in some way or another. But if I had to pick just two then these would be it - products that made a remarkable difference to my skin and have had me reaching for them time and time again.

The number one product in the spotlight is the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. It is by far the best thing to have ever touched my skin. It is a thick balmy cleanser that is utterly nourishing. It is so emollient that sometimes I go a bit overboard with the massaging! I have used this as an overnight mask and the next morning my face feels thoroughly pampered. And the smell is gorgeous too. I have absolutely nothing to fault with this product. Some might say the price is very high, but I think it is worth every single penny.

I am now on my last few uses and I am not going to run and purchase my next tub immediately, which goes against everything I have just said. But I am afraid I will get so used to it and when I relocate to India (which might happen in 2014, yayy!) and cannot source it any longer, I will go into skincare withdrawal L This is now on a special price offer on QVC, 200ml for almost half the price!

Since I wrote this post last week, I have purchased the 200ml of the EH balm from QVC (Pictured below) :D

The second product or should I say group of products are facial oils. I have quite a few in my stash at the moment, but my absolute favourites have to be the A’kin Rosehip oil and the Clarins Lotus oil. While the former is for anytime of the day, the Clarins oil is meant as a night treatment. Both leave my skin feeling thoroughly hydrated and plumped without the greasiness of traditional oils. Once I acquire the Tarte Maracuja and the Josie Maran Argan
oil my mission will be complete!

I must also mention other amazing products like Hydraluron, Alpha-H Liquid Gold that I found in 2013. Not writing about them makes me a teeny bit guilty! I told you it was difficult choosing just two :) Do you have any star performers in your skincare regime that you discovered in 2013? The skincare addict in me would love to hear!

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