Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 Amazing Finds – Makeup and Skincare techniques


I talked about makeup and skincare discoveries of 2013. Now time to talk about what new ground-breaking techniques I learnt this year in terms of makeup and skincare.


Got to be blush layering. No blush seems to last on me a whole day. Morning I put it on, afternoon it’s still there, get home and there is absolutely no trace of any blush whatsoever. That’s where blush layering makes all the difference. I layer a powder blush over a cream and the combination works wonders in the longevity department. The powder I mostly reach for is MAC Gingerly (my favourite blush of all times!), dusted over Clinique Blushwear cream in shy blush or Chanel destiny, it gives me the perfect warm, bronzy look and the effect lasts ALL DAY LONG.

I have used this technique in the pictures above, it might not be immediately visible, but stare at the pictures for a few seconds and you will see it, trust me!!!


Wash cloth cleansing method all the way! I have talked about it extensively here, so I’ll spare you this time.

OK I think I have milked the "Amazing finds of the year" topic enough, there is nothing left to do of it! I might soon do a "Products I have hauled this year". Would you be interested in seeing my addiction to shopping pooled together in one big post?!