Monday, 18 November 2013

The Body Shop Foundation Brush - Review & Photos

My friend lent me her TBS flat foundation brush when I was looking for a traditional foundation brush to apply my benefit liquid foundation with. She does not like the chunky handle and thought I might get some use out of it. I did not know what to expect of The Body Shop brushes as I have none in my collection. On first use I was so utterly disappointed. This brush is just so scantily stacked with the stiffest paint brush like bristles. It is so thin, I  have to work atleast 10 minutes to get my whole face done. And it makes foundation go so streaky. To fix all the mess I then have to go over my entire face with the Sigma angled kabuki to blend out any streak marks, which totally defeats the purpose of a foundation brush.

It is truly a nightmare to apply foundation with. I have found a use for it though, which is to apply concealer under my eyes. It does not particularly fare well on that front either, but I can live with the results. I do not recommend this brush at all and for people starting out in makeup, please stay away from it. You might end up with brush strokes on your face which is never a pretty thing to see. I wish they had put more thought into the actual bristles as opposed to the rest of the brush because the ferrel and the handle are very sturdy and feel expensive.

Do you have any experience with TBS makeup brushes?