Thursday, 28 November 2013

Photos Around London - Weekend stroll

Winter is attacking us poor souls in the UK in full force. But there is Christmas decor everywhere which brings a sense of festivity in me and lifts my spirits like nothing else can in this cold weather. And the christmas gift sets in beauty shops here are just so darn tempting. I have been trying to look straight ahead while walking back home after work!

I thought I'll share a few of the 100s of photos I took over the past week. One of the main reasons I started blogging was the opportunity to take pictures, I get really snap happy when I have my camera in hand, to the point where we have invested in a 1TB hard disk just to back up pictures! I even have a travel blog here, which has not been updated in a while(Check it out if you are interested)! Moving on to the pictures:

Oxford street christmas decor

National Art Gallery

Trafalgar Sq
Homemade sponge cake

Bajji, Vada

Recent Haulage