Monday, 11 November 2013

New skincare finds/gems - Pai Organic Skincare

I am a self-proclaimed skincare junkie and offlate I have steered clear of the 99p items we find at drugstores and have started investing in high-quality skincare. Since most of the high-quality stuff is expensive, I cannot really buy and then make up my mind on whether I like it or not, that method might just result in several expensive mistakes which I cannot afford. So I try and do my research and buy only stuff that I know to an extent will help my skin. Pai is a brand that has been in my radar for a while now, they are a fully organic, no nasty chemicals, pure skincare brand who specialise in products for sensitive skin. They have also been called the mecca for sensitive skin in several places. I was itching to try their products and when I came to know they offered a trial pack of their best-sellers for £5 with free delivery I was literally all over it.

Isn’t that the best packaging ever! It contained 5ml samples of

1.       Camellia and Rose Gentle cleanser + muslin cloth
2.       Kukui and Jojoba bead brightening exfoliator
3.       Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating day cream
4.       Geranium and Thistle Combination skin cream
5.       Macadamia and Rose Dry Skin Cream
6.       Chamomile and Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream and
7.       A muslin cloth (I find this too abrasive and will not be using this!)

I was mostly looking forward to trying (1) and (2), because I did not care so much for the creams. Turns out I love them both and really really enjoy using the day cream (3) and the combination skin cream (4). The creams are really rich and leave behind a perfectly hydrated smooth, velvety feeling skin in a matter of seconds. I really look forward to applying the day cream in the mornings and that says a lot in my case! And each cream smells every so mildly of roses and herbs which I am enjoying too.

The cleanser is very gentle and compares equally to my beloved Liz Earl cleanse and polish. The exfoliator is AWESOME too. It stands true to its brightening claim, I used it yesterday and today morning my skin was bright and glow-y. I love it! As for the other two creams meant for dry and sensitive skins, I am not that into them mainly because they are not my skin type. But I did use them once each and both really are brilliant creams.

I have made up my mind now. Two things I am definitely going to buy from this range are the hydrating day cream and the brightening exfoliator. Once I run out of the Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish (which I absolutely love, it is pretty awesome… everyone should try it!), I might buy the Camellia and Rose cleanser. I wish all skincare brands did try-me trial packs similar to this. The 5ml of each product has lasted me 3-4 uses comfortably. Pai as a skincare brand has really impressed me with their story and their modest product line-up.

There is one more product I am itching to try out too, their Rosehip+Bioregenerate oil(Which is not included in the set but seems like a stellar product).