Friday, 22 November 2013

My makeup storage! - Photos

This is a sneak peak into where I keep all my makeup and how I manage to keep it slightly organised. You will notice that for a beauty blogger I do not have that much makeup. But I make that up by having tonnes of skincare! Given some money to spend freely I would rather buy skincare and clothes than makeup! But I like to have makeup that performs well on me and that suits me. So everything you will find in my makeup draw are items that are heavily used and mostly repurchased.

The draw storage shown above is this IKEA MALM chest of draws. I had my eyes set on an ALEX chest of draws you would have seen on youtube several times, but that came with equal sized draws whereas I was after one which had a mixed draw depth to suit my needs.

1) Top draw is for skincare bits and bobs. Most of my skincare sits in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I keep a few bits here.

2) The second draw has ALL of my makeup!

3) The third draw holds my inner garments.

4) Fourth draw has my muslin/flannel for washing face, extra makeup bags, supplements and nail varnishes.

5) Bottom most draw has hair tools and backup items like cotton pads.

6) Most of my makeup brushes sit on top of the chest of draws, these are ones I use all the time.

Makeup Draw

Skincare/Perfume/Sun glasses/Samples/Hair Spray

I LOVE this pop up mirror, although I do not really use it for doing up my face. Since the chest is placed right next to the window, the mirror casts shadows on my face which is not very helpful. But I love that feature and might have been one of the reasons why I bought this chest ;) I keep my most worn jewellery bits under the mirror.

Pop-up mirror

Daily Jewellery

Right now we are only renting. When we eventually move to India and start camping in our own place, I will want a proper vanity where I can sit and do my makeup. But a storage like this wouldn't hurt either, it helps keep my stuff organised and in one place. You will not find a single makeup item or anything strewn anywhere in my house.

My next mission is to find a way of storing and keeping track of rubber bands for my hair. I go through so  many of those to keep my hair up when I am at home and they just disappear in thin air. Who eats my hair bands???!!!

Are you a makeup draw/vanity kinda gal or a makeup always sitting in makeup bag kinda gal?