Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Macadamia Flawless - Hero or Zero?!

I have always been into treatment hair oils, macadamia, morocco, argan – you name it I have tried it! Of them all plain and simple coconut oil(overnight conditioning) is my favourite followed by Macadamia oil(Leave-in treatment). So when I recently spotted this product from the Macadamia line called Flawless, I was a little curious to see what it does. I expected it to be a hair spray due to the tin+pump packaging but on the contrary it is a 6-in-1 product that claims to cleanse, condition, increase volume, reduce drying time, reduce frizz and detangle. The packaging is reminiscent of all macadamia oil products, with the swirly pattern on it. I normally research my products before buying but this one was reduced to £5 (Rs 500) from £21 (Rs 2100). So I thought why not?!

The texture of this product is pretty unique too, it comes out as a mousse, which is strange for a cleansing product. The tin advises to massage the mousse into hair starting at the roots and work it in for a few minutes. At first I found it very weird to work with, kinda like trying to cleanse hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. I used a 1 pump and a half, it does not lather AT ALL, so I was left expecting greasy unclean hair. But surprisingly my hair on drying felt very clean, soft, straight and less frizzy. It left me with smooth desirable hair that did not look greasy or weighed down.

The second time though was an altogether different story. Out of greed I took 3 pumps and ended up with hair that literally stuck to my scalp. It left hair overly conditioned and weighed it down like crazy. So the key to this product is to use just the right amount.

It cleanses, conditions and reduces frizz for sure and the results are pretty noticeable. As for increasing volume and reducing drying time, I don’t think it stands true to its claim. If anything it will make big hair slightly more toned down and manageable, instead of doing the reverse that is making it bigger than it already is! (That makes total sense right?! It does to me!) I never have tangles in my hair, even if I sleep with my hair left open, so detangling I am unable to comment on.

Overall I think this product will be a dream come true for very dry hair and for people with oily/normal hair, if you use the right amount (1 – 1.5 pumps) it will give you soft, smooth hair with less frizz. The added convenience of not having to use a separate conditioner or de-frizzer or any such styling product means I spend less time in the shower, which is ideal for all the busy-bees out there! This massive 250ml bottle will last me at least 4 months easily and has replaced a number of hair products in my humble hair arsenal. At Rs500 I don’t think that is a bad value product at all. Highly impressed and highly recommend!

You can buy it here for £20 (Rs 2000) with free world-wide delivery.