Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Haul - What I bought with £50?

I was recently given a £50 gift voucher at Banana Republic. You can read all about that experience here! The voucher was only valid for 15 days, so I had to buy something soon. Not that otherwise I wouldn't have gone shopping with it the next day itself, but just saying! Anywho here is what I bought - A jumper and a cute little sling bag.

Banana Republic is an expensive store, and most items are not worth that price tag in my opinion. The cheapest jumpers were in the £45 mark and went upto £70 for the ones with a little bit of bling. Sure I have seen jumpers costing so much but in most cases they are all cashmere, not plain merino wool. If not for the gift card I would not have spent a penny in the store as I did not see anything that wow'ed me at that price point.

The bag has a cute story behind it. I have been looking for a cute sling bag with a chain handle for the longest of times. Obviously I am not going to shell out for a Chanel bag, not now not ever. I can never justify that sort of money on a handbag. When I asked the cashier if I can take a look at it, he brought it to me very enthusiastically and said “It is pure leather, very much like the chanel one”. I asked him if there are any offers going on in store and he quickly took out an employer discount card and beamed at me saying “I can give you 30% off on it” in a cute Chinese-English accent and a giggle. He so reminded me of the Chinese guy in Hangover. So darn cute!!! I HAD to take the bag home :D

Jumper - £45
Bag - £50 (£34 after the discount! :D)
So I paid £30 over the £50 voucher.