Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy Diwali + Lisa Eldridge!

My wishes are coming just two days late!!! But better late than never right?!

Here is wishing you all beautiful girls out there a very very Happy Diwali!!! May this year bring you all happiness and all those good things along with loadsa shopping!

What did I do this Diwali? Diwali in London is not that big an affair, you do not have the build-up to the event like in India with crackers bursting from almost a month in advance. But we did what we always do best, meet friends and hog! I have eaten so much sugar the past two days, it is definitely going to show up down there!

I will do an update of what I wore etc. All photos are on my friend's camera and it is going to take quite a bit of badgering to get him to upload and send them across.

On a different note, Lisa Eldridge made a blog post on Bollywood and a video to go with it. How cool is that?! I was so darn excited to see the post that I could hardly wait for the video. The way she pronounces Devdas, Madhuri Dixit etc is so cute, dont you think? I love Lisa and it was a treat to watch her talk about Bollywood! It is also stunning how she transforms the model who has "normal" skin like any of us into a flawless beauty. You sure can achieve a lot with makeup!