Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cashkaro + Nykaa haul - Get rewarded for shopping online!

Don’t we all love ourselves a bit of online shopping? For a mum like me, going to the shops has become an almost distant dream. Just yesterday I placed an order for my winter sweaters online and let out a small tear for having to pay a £4 shipping charge! I buy everything from toilet cleaning liquid to expensive perfumes on Amazon, my mum even calls Amazon my closest relative! For all that money spent online it is always fun to get a percentage of the money back in our accounts, however small that might be. Quidco in the UK is my cashback site of preference and to find an Indian equivalent of it was awesome. Cashkaro takes nothing more than creating an account on their website and thereafter whenever you shop online through one of their partner sites you get a small portion of the money you spent back in your account. I am cynical about everything in life, but this really is as good as it sounds. Since the retail websites get traffic via cashkaro, they pay cashkaro a commission and they give a portion of it back to us as cashback. Best part if imagine there is a discount on something, you get the discount + cashback which is pretty cool! And you can refer friends, when they signup and shop via cashkaro you get a small percentage of their cashback in your account, so rewards for my shopping and my friends' shopping as well!

When Cashkaro offered me Rs 500 to buy what I wanted via one of their partner websites, I thought flipkart/myntra/Nykaa/Jabong all carry Lakme items that I have been coveting for in a while. Of those sites, Myntra was giving Rs 180 back when you shop for over Rs 400, that is a whopping  45% of your money back!!! Unfortunately they did not have the stuff I wanted. I was after the Lakme Day blushes and the Enrich Satin lipstick in shade 129, which I found at Nykaa and ordered though them. The bill amount came to Rs 775 and Nykaa is offering a 5.25% cashback on all transactions. So effectively I have saved Rs 40, which is very small compared to  how much I could have got back from Myntra but still any money is hard earned money in my opinion.

Both the cashkaro and nykaa websites were straightforward to use (although while signing in, the Nykaa site actually displays passwords in plain text. WTH??? Whoever developed this should take note!!!). My click and transaction have been recorded at cashkaro and the cashback has been added to my account. When my cashback reaches Rs 250 I can request for it to be credited to my bank account. Simples!

We are planning a move back to India in a couple of months and like how I use quidco in the UK for every transaction that I make online, I will make cashkaro my best friend for all of my shopping trips online. I urge you all to explore the site too, your cashback could pay for that lipstick that you have been wanting all along! You can sign up for it here.

If you already use cashkaro, let me know how you like it so far?