Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday Haul - Handbags!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone :) I have been missing in action for a while now due to my daughter's illness. She is slowly recovering. It is amazing how when she is unwell everything else completely goes out of focus, the blog, the job everything. Anywho the countless hours of sitting by her side with an iPad in hand while she was busy sleeping made me do the unthinkable. I shopped the Amazon Black Friday sales :P What is Black friday? It is the day before thanks-giving when every retailer in the US gives customers amazing discounts on stuff. there is no Black Friday in the UK, but Amazon alone does online lightning sales, where they massively mark down prices of certain products for a limited amount of time and for limited stock. They have named it a lightning sale for a reason!

There were cameras, DVDs, gaming consoles, perfumes etc etc, but what caught my eye were obviously handbags. They had a number of Kipling bags discounted by 67% and I just HAD to take advantage of the deal. So I bought myself two, thinking I'll return the least favourite of the two, but now I am having trouble deciding which one. I might just end up keeping them both :D

I always give Kipling bags a second glance when I see someone carrying them. They look incredibly fun yet practical and the monkey makes me want to own atleast one of them. Although they seem geared towards the younger crowd, I convinced myself I will not get this sort of deal again, so had to buy to try!

The Defea bag I bought is in the colour Very Berry. True to its name, it is a pinky, plum shade. It will look better worn as a cross-body and I have a thing for cross-body bags. They are very comfortable to carry, you don't have to dedicate one hand for holding them, they just hang by your side and stay put! They also make you lessen the amount of crap you carry around, one lip gloss instead of 10 and fishing for your house keys is much easier in a smaller bag. This one has plenty of space and a number of smaller compartments for my phone, cards, wallet blah blah blah. And I  love the colour.

Kipling Defea - Very Berry

Alyssa the pink monkey

The Elise bag screams diapers to me! It is the perfect baby changing bag. You can absolutely fit everything from diapers and wipes to milk and water bottles, and even throw in a few little toys for your child. It will come in very handy while flying with a little one or when taking them to the park. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this one. This can also be worn cross-body or just as a hand bag. See how I convince myself?

Fernanda the grey monkey

Kipling Elise - Celise Grey

As for the material of the bags, they feel quite plasticky, which is not what I expected. I always thought they would feel suede or velvet like, but no they feel plasticky and kinda stiff, which I am slightly disappointed about. My husband says they feel like something you get at Pondy Bazaar (A local street market in Chennai) :P But he says that even about the classic Longchamp tote!

Tell me which one you like? Help me decide which one(or two) I should keep!