Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Benefit They're Real Vs Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - Review & EOTD

Today’s review is on the iconic UK’s best-selling mascara and one that is crazy priced compared to all the drug-store options out there. I am going to try and answer the “Is it worth it?” question that I find asking myself everytime I apply this.

First let me write a bit about how I ended up buying this £19.50 mascara! I was aimlessly wandering the aisles of Boots one day when a Benefit SA volunteered to give me a face makeover to which I obviously beamed at her with a YES! At the end of it, she had sold me on their foundation and this masacara. After she was done with the make-over I saw myself in the mirror and let out an audible “oh wow”! It really looked like I had lashes twice as long as my usual ones. Added to this, I could not resist the offer that was running that day, a baby version of the same free with the full-size.

What is so different about this?
To answer this I am going to compare it to my fav drugstore mascara, MaxFactor False Lash Effect(FLE). I love the rubberised brush on FLE and it does its job without giving spidery lashes. I hate seeing dried up mascara bits on my face which this one does not do. It stays put all day and costs £7.99. The benefit variant is a little bit more liquid-y compared to the MaxFactor one. The most apparent difference however is in the brush. The benefit offering has small bristles even on the rounded end of the brush which is perfect to get to the small hairs on the inner corners of the eyelids, which I struggle to do with MaxFactor and end up getting mascara on the skin, which I then have to wipe away with a q-tip.

Benefit They're Real Msacara Wand

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Compared to the maxfactor, benefit gives really amazing length and definition to my lashes. To the point where if I apply more than two coats I can actually see my lashes when I am blinking my eye (Hope that makes some sense!). I can see an absolute difference between the two masacras, where the false lash effect gives my lashes more black-ness and definition, the benefit one gives blackness, definition and amazing length and drama without flaking or giving spidery lashes.

But really, is all this worth the hefty price tag? I think it is! When I run out of this, I will not re-purchase it purely due to the price, but when I have to attend a wedding or an event, I will purchase the smaller version of it. Simply because, so far I have not used a single mascara that has given me so much drama! It really does make an impact!

Let me know if you agree with me based on the pictures?

Bare lashes & eyes - No mascara, no concealing

Benefit They're Real

Benefit They're Real Mascara