Friday, 22 November 2013

A gift from the other half - For the coffee lover in me!

Do you guys like/love coffee? Or are you a member of the coffee haters club?

Until a year ago I was a zero coffee drinker. It used to be all about the hot chocolate you know! But now I love myself a good coffee. I don’t drink more than one a day, but I can tell a good coffee from a bad one. I absolutely hate Costa and Starbucks with a passion. I hate the unpredictability – a particular shop and a particular barista makes a good cuppa and next time you go to the shop a different barista serves you with an insipid cup of hot water. We pay a premium for a good coffee and don’t always get one. So I am on a perpetual hunt for smaller local cafes which tend to do a better job at making a good cuppa. Anyways stories and personal grudges aside, my husband recently bought me a Nespresso machine, you know the one which has George Clooney in the ad, ya that! We had gone shopping and he took me to the nespresso place and said decide which one you want to take home! He is good like that! ;)

I went for the Krups U model(you might not even care what the model name is, this is purely for people who are coffee crazy like me!) with the aeroccino, because I like my cappuccinos and lattes more than I do my espressos. I LOVE the fact that it consistently produces good coffee. I don’t have that fear in my mind when someone is handing me a coffee and I am thinking “God please let it taste palatable”. I have tried all the varieties of beans they sell and have liked most of them except for the very low intensity ones. They even have a coffee pod called Indria which is south-India inspired, tastes just like an authentic Chennai coffee. I love it!

So far I  have been really enjoying the machine. One niggle is the fact that you can only use Nespresso made coffee pods in the machine and the fact that I have no idea if I am going to be able to buy the pods when I eventually move to India. But for now I have pushed that thought to the back of my mind and have decided to enjoy what I have right now! Let me know if you have any idea about nespresso pod availability in India?

I have grand plans for the coffee machine to have small coffee bar in my house! With girly mugs and a glass cookie jar containing the pods, so when people visit they can make their own coffee etc etc :D

What is the sweetest gift you received recently?