Sunday, 20 October 2013

My MAC lipgloss collection

Apologies to the ones who expected a massive gloss collection. The two shown below form my entire lipgloss collection, let alone MAC ones! I am not a gloss person neither am I a lipstick lover. I love the MAC lustre finishes, moisturising and glossy with a sheer wash of colour without being super sticky or super pigmented.

I am so sorry to say that I absolutely HATE these pretties. They literally are fevicols disguised as beautiful glosses!

MAC Beaux (Lustreglass)
A tan gloss loaded with tons of shimmer that looks beautiful over any nude lipstick. It is not glitter hence is not gritty. It is super smooth and glides on effortlessly.

But I absolutely HATE it for being so damn sticky. So it is sitting in my dresser unused catching dust.

MAC Numphette (Lipglass)
This is yet another beautiful gloss, pink-y with loads of golden shimmer.

This is worse than Beaux in terms of stickiness. Worn maybe twice so far, and both times I was dying to get it off my lips!

If you do not mind sticky glosses and are a gloss person then these two are absolute must haves. Especially Beaux, it is just too gorgeous, I would like to have a saree that looks like it!