Thursday, 17 October 2013

Blush Love - MAC Sweet As Coacoa Blush & NOTD - Review & Photos

MAC Sweet As Cocoa
 Sweet as cocoa is a recent addition to my MAC blush pile. I picked up the refill version just to make a palette out of my mac blushers. I will talk about that a little later, now on to the blusher itself.

A chocolate brown shade loaded with copper/bronze shimmer with distinct red undertones is how I would describe Sweet-As-Cocoa. It is a sheertone blush which means it has a discernible sheen to it and gives a sheer wash of colour that can be intensified with a few more swipes of the blusher. The first one or two swipes gives the most gorgeous coppery highlight to the cheek bones catching light from any direction your head turns towards! More swipes and the redness in the blush starts peeking through. That sounds scary but don’t be, with a light hand you can achieve the most beautiful sheeny blush/bronzer effect to the cheek.

I once was a bit heavy-handed with it due to makeup application under bathroom lights. At the time the bronze-ness looked too good to rub off, but by afternoon the sheen was gone and I was left with a red cheek, which is not pretty at all. So with this blusher less is definitely more. I see myself reaching for the RT blush brush over my beloved MAC 116 on the Sweet-As-Cocoa cheek days.

Along with Gingerly this I think is a must-have blusher for medium to dark skin tones. The sheen lasts 5-6 hours, whereas the actual colour lasts the entire day on me.

PS Excuse the weird bed-sheet in the pictures below. It is a makeshift curtain for one of our windows because the blinds we had on fell off yesterday and out came the old Rajasthani sheet!

As for the palette though, I think I prefer my blushers in their own pots. Having them in a palette looks good, but there is a lot more fall-out which leads to product wastage plus it makes the palette look dirty which annoys the heck out of me! Spend that little bit more and go for individual blush pots is what I have told myself for the future. I am still ndecided on whether I want my other blushers depotted or not.

NOTD - OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
I was not so crazy about the colour, but the staying power of this polish is brilliant. The picture below was taken on the 3rd day. Today is the 5th day of me wearing it and it still looks the same.