Monday, 30 September 2013

My current sunscreen of choice - Shadow 30 Review & Photos

My momma hid me in a dresser for 8 months :(
I have never been a sunscreen wearer in life, even when I was living in scorching hot Chennai! Mainly because back then I was unaware of the ill-effects of the Sun and the importance of wearing sunscreen. I got to know about sunscreens mostly from beauty blogs and youtube videos (Sometimes it is a bit over-done too, I think everyone needs some sun-time, mainly to get natural Vit-D. They all slap sunscreen and then find out they are low on Vit-D and take 1000mg in supplements!) Ever since I moved to the UK though I have not found the need to wear it at all cause honestly the sun never rises here! *Complain alert* omg this place makes me crave the sun like no other. We had 2 weeks of summer this year, horrible!*Complaining over* Coming back to the subject in hand, I have had two sunscreen bottles hidden in the dresser for ages, they have never seen the sun themselves :P

Recently since I revamped my skincare completely (Read spent loads of money on sassy products),
 I have been kinda forced into the habit of wearing sunscreen. The Alpha-H stuff shown here makes skin sun-sensitive and so urges us to wear a broad-spectrum sun protection. So off I went digging into my dresser to look at the expiry dates of those two bottles, neither had expired and one had not even been opened yet! And today’s post is about that one, called Shadowz 30. Needless to say, it is an SPF 30 sunscreen from Reddy’s lab offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. I have been using it for a week now and am at a point now where I do not dread using it anymore.

The packaging is svelte and extremely convenient for sqeezing out the desired amount. The texture feels like any  other cream, but instead of getting absorbed into the skin it sits over it literally forming a barrier. My skin after smearing the smallest amount feels slightly greasy but only to the touch, not to the eye (Am I saying that right?!). I skip moisturiser on the sunscreen-wearing days and have never felt my skin drying out. On those days I always go for powder makeup, for fear that all face creams will mix with the foundation and make the face an oil slick! MAC Studio Fix powder goes on really nicely over it and takes away even the slightest amount of oiliness and makes skin look flawless. My face stays looking the same, fresh and matte even hours into the day, which makes me one happy bunny. When I go out in the sun, I feel like I am armed with the ultimate protection and feel happy that I am doing good for the skin. Overall I really like this sunscreen and would continue using it.

One concern though is it contains parabens. I know there is a lot of debate about this stuff, but I have not paid much attention to it until now. A google search returned this and frankly it freaks me out. I will use this tube up but will look for something with natural ingredients, Clarins is definitely a strong contender.

Let me know if you have a sunscreen favourite and your thoughts on important world-breaking issues like sunscreen, parabens etc?! :P

Price? Rs 239 bought from a pharmacy in India

Would I recommend? I do recommend highly recommend using a sunscreen for obvious reasons, but Shadowz 30  not so much purely due to the paraben issue. The product however is pretty great.

Ingredients List