Wednesday, 4 September 2013

MAC eyebrow pencil Stud & Essie NOTD - Review & photos

We all have our own insecurities and problem zones when it comes to our face and body. My problem area where face is concerned used to be acne, but now that I have found products that have helped bring that issue down by 99%, my problem area radar has moved to my eyes!  My dark circles and sparse eyebrows.  A post on dark circle products is soon due. This post looks at the latter.

I was born with sparse brows which had no discernible shape whatsoever. The hairs grew in all possible directions like tributaries. Now after years of threading they are not as bad but the sparseness is still an issue. I even have a few bald spots that need covering up.  This is a review on a hero brow product, my fav too, the eyebrow pencil from Mac in the shade stud.

Stud is a brunette brow shade which I think will be perfect for us Indian girls. Most of us have almost black brow hair hence using a brunette shade enhances the brows without giving you the dreadful looking scouse brow!

The plastic packaging is very convenient as it is a twist up pen but it is not retractable which is not a con since the twisting mechanism is not too loose so you wont end up twisting out too much. The thin pencil gives good control over how you define your brows. Overall I give an A+ for packaging.

I do one twist of the pencil and go over my brows with it in very short feather light strokes. It has never ever made my brows look artificially done. It just subtly fills in areas where I have bald spots and ever so slightly enhance the other areas. It is really very very hard to go overboard with it. I love how easy and quick it is to get defined eyebrows with this product without looking artificially made up. And it stays put all day long!

I feel like this pencil runs out pretty quickly as I use it every single day and you will realise it only on the day it runs out. So I kinda get annoyed when it does since it is my makeup staple and I have no other brow product in my kitty. I sometimes keep backups of this!

Would I recommend? Yes, I have been re purchasing this brow pencil for years now and have never felt the need for something different.

I think the current one is my 6th pencil! That is how much I like it.

Price? £13 (Approx Rs 1000)

On a different note, I am currently wearing Essie Hip Anema on my nails - a true red! More than the shade itself I was amazed by the consistency.  I have worn a single cost in the picture below, no top coat even. It is that creamy n opaque.