Monday, 16 September 2013

Hydraluron - Miracle in a tube!!! Review

I wrote this post a week ago, I am now back in London and have started work too… It has become incredibly cold here and I am not particularly enjoying it L I am having serious post-vacation withdrawal!

The blog has taken a back seat past few days weeks as my vacation in India is due to end in a week and I am busy with crazy shopping not just for fun stuff like clothes but other boring things like Indian grocery aka cereals n pulses!

But all along I have been itching to write about something super exciting - I have spent at least 1/3rd of my vacation sans makeup (Not so exciting?!).  You might go "eh?so wat?"!! For me though this is quite a revelation because the norm in my case is to wear mac studio finish powder every single day. So why have I taken the makeup free route?
The answer is I am currently enjoying the best skin I have had in forever :D thanks to this miracle product called hydraluron. Hydraluron is a serum packed with hyaluronic acid in its purest form. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient proven to have the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water.  So technically this serum will help your skin lock in 1000 times more moisture than if you were to use just your regular moisturiser.

Method of use
I apply a small amount all over my face, I go over with it even on my eye area. I follow it up with my moisturiser of choice, depending on the time of day it is. You have to use this in combination with a moisturiser, it will not act as one on its own.

I have been using it morning n night for about 3 weeks now. I think I am addicted to it to the point where I have started looking forward to washing my face (sad but true!).

Moisturiser combined with hydraluron creatres magic! It literally feels like I pricked a 1000 needles in my skin and injected water into it.

Skin feels extremely soft supple and bouncy and looks so much smoother and younger. I don’t feel the need to wear as much makeup anymore.

I have noticed that my skin has improved a LOT since I started using hydraluron. It is not just a temporary effect. I noticed this when I had forgotten to carry it on a recent trip. I freaked out but my skin did not, it was still as soft n supple.

You can get it online from here - UK - Boots and US -
It has increased the urge to keep touching my face by a 1000 times! Lol kidding!

I have used it with clinique DDMG, Clinique moisture surge and Ponds age miracle day n night creams. For me it works best with the ponds creams. Skin feels utterly pampered. (Btw I tried to get the Ponds age miracle serum while in India, I could not find it anywhere. Have they stopped making it?! This lady at the lakme counter said they are replacing it with Lakme youth infinity serum and pushed me to buy the latter! The ladies at the lakme counter are awful I must say, have never had one good experience so far!!!)

Would I recommend? Wholeheartedly yes. I can’t imagine ever living without it hereafter! This is a must-try for people fighting dry skin.

Price? £16 at boots. it is almost always on a 1/3rd off offer (Approx Rs 1600)

Where to get it in India? No clue :( I have been looking for a website that stocks it offering international delivery but with no luck so far. This is one more reason why I kept postponing this review, but atleast people with friends n family travelling from the UK can easily source this miracle product. However I promise to continue my search to find a source.