Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eysilix Eye Cream/Treatment - Review & Photos (Skincare Investments 2)

I am always wary of writing reviews on products that people might not have heard of since majority of readers here are from India. But we all have friends and family all over the world who are more than willing to haul some of the gems from across the pond! Keeping that in mind, today's product is an eye cream very widely available in the UK. It is from a company called Indeed labs who have some amazing products delivering good unadultered doses of some amazing ingredients, I  have reviewed one here containing loads of hyaluronic acid. Keeping in that trend, this eye cream Eysilix says it is loaded with active peptides that help combat every single eye issue out there, puffiness, fatigue, crow's feet and dark circles! I have used it enough to give my verdict. Read on to see how it fared in my opinion.

I bought this product without reading prior reviews on it while I was out to buy Hydraluron, which I LOVE. If you are a regular reader you will  know that dark circles are my main concern(mentioned here). My eye area generally appears dull due to lack of sleep (The joy of being a new mommy!) thereby making my entire face dull. So when I saw this product I was intrigued to give it a try.

So far I am really liking using it. It definitely is instantly tightening thereby making puffiness almost disappear. My eyes look tight and not saggy on using this. I do not have crows feet, so cannot comment on that, but i would imagine the tightening effect to slightly mask any wrinkles if that is your area of concern. As a reasult of less-saggy-baggy eyes my face looks pretty lifted and more alive. This effect continues all through the day. Earlier I used to cringe on seeing my dull & tired face mid-afternoon. But offlate I am often pleasantly surprised to see a nice alive/awake face! Eyes truly make or break your face's alive-ness! (Excuse me grammar nazis!)

As for dark circles, I think I see them getting better. They are by no means gone, but I think the eyes appear less dark and dull overall and that is definitely down to this cream.

Recommendation - This cream will be a delight for people suffering from puffiness and saggy eyes. As for dark circles, it is still early days. It does seem to improve the overall appearance of the eye area.

One word of caution - This eye cream definitely makes the eye area drier than it usually is, but it can be easily fixed by rubbing a small amount of moisturiser around the countours. I sometimes dab a little bit of Clinique Even Better Eyes on top of Eysilix and things are back to their moisturised old self.

I do recommend this eye cream if you are looking for a single cream that works on all problems!

Price? £25 (Rs 2500, it definitely is pricey. If you are into skincare then this will be worth it for you, if you are not then it is not worth it. Depends on your skincare crazyness and how much you are willing to pay for it. For me though it is totally worth it, I am a total skincare junkie :)

Where to get it from? UK - Boots; US -