Friday, 20 September 2013

Daily Supplements - What I take?

Daily supplements are a great way of making sure the body gets all the essential nutrients on a daily basis. It is definitely best to get all of it naturally via food, but we all know that we don't eat balanced food on a daily basis and even if we do we can never be sure if the foods we are eating contain all those nutrients. I have become so pessimistic these days that I find myself questioning even the most organic of foods! Who know whether they are really organic, who know whether the eggs we eat are really from free-range hens. Ok I will stop spreading my pessimism and get on with the subject of the day - supplements.

Disclaimer - I am by no means suggesting you take all of the below, however it might be a good idea to. The Iron and Calcium I prefer to take something prescribed by my doctor. But multi-vitamins and omega-3 you can get at any pharmacy, just go for a reputable brand.

Multi-Vitamins - I take multi-vitamins every single day and have been doing so for several years now. Earlier I was not very regular with it, I would start it if someone told me it will give me longer hair, better skin etc. and soon forget about it. But now though I am really regular with it and understand the health benefits it bring about. The ones I take are just regular drugstore supplements which in the UK are over the counter. In India just go to a reputed pharmacy and ask for multi-vitamins, the guy will give you something! I tend to like ones from Reddys lab or even Himalaya.

Omega-3 - This one I have special love for. Mainly because of all the skincare benefits it comes with! I started taking omega-3 when I got pregnant and have continued with it ever since. I am a non-vegetarian and have salmon twice a week for dinner, one because I love it and two because it is loaded with omega-3 and has absolutely no bad fat in it. On other days I take my Omage-3.

In India I was taking either Tri-Omega or Mega-3, the latter is pretty cheap and was recommended during pregnancy. In the UK I have bought the Perricone MD Omega-3 supplements. These cost me a fortune, but I have worked out the math and they work out almost on par with the drugstore ones. But this omega-3 comes from wild alaskan salmon and is the purest form out there. I take three capsules everyday with my meals as recommended. That gives me about 3000 mg everyday.

I am never sure of how much omega-3 I need to take on a daily basis so I just stick to what it says on the lable. Let me know if you have any advise to give in this regard.

Calcium - I was taking calcium on a daily basis when I was pregnant. It is highly recommended that you do. Now though, I take it every other day and I get 500 mg of elemental calcium. This one was prescribed to me by my gynaec. I also get calcium from other sources like milk, egg etc.

I take Calcimax 500, which I stocked up on while in India (Just now knew that it is by my fav pregnancy supplement maker vitabiotics)

Iron - I take an Iron tablet every single night, again one prescribed by my gynaec. They are called Autrin and you can get these from any pharmacy in India. My haemoglobin levels have been very healthy throughout pregnancy and I attribute that to this tablet and the amount of spinach I hog. I love spinach, is that weird?!

TGIF!!! Happy weekend everyone, hope you have an awesome one :D