Monday, 12 August 2013

Zara Haul - Baby edition!

This is a haul post showing some clothing I picked up from Zara in the sales for my one year old baby daughter :) You can see what I bought for myself here. Zara usually has an amazing collection of baby clothes, but they are so expensive. Most of the stuff costs as much as adult clothes and spending that much on something that uses 1/4th the material seems stupid to me. But they are marked down a lot during the sales. All the t-shirts below were £2.99 each (Rs 270) and the floral jeans and white bloomers were a bit more, around Rs 500. How cute are those floral jeans!!!

I love all of the pieces, but if I had to pick my favourites it would be the floral jeans, white cotton shirt and the bloomers. Oh yeah the navy dress too, it is just so soft! Zara baby clothing runs a bit big, 9-12M size fits my 12M old perfectly. Let me know if you like the pieces as much as I do :)