Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Holygrail Face Wash - Derclean for oily skin

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This blog has made me realise I spend more money on skin care than colour cosmetics! I have been reviewing more skin care than makeup! But they say if the skin is not good, it wont do justice to any makeup at all!

This is the second post in the "My Holy Grail..." series, which I am coining while typing this sentence :P Since I have already written about my holy grail makeup remover here, I thought I will review all of my HG products under the same tag. All of these products are truly ones I have been using for years that do exactly what they are meant to do. Most of these are pharmacy grade products that you will not find in department stores in malls. 

For reference I had extremely oily skin until about 2 years ago,
around the same time I started using this face wash. But it has now gone to being combination oily. I am still oily on my forehead, whereas my nose area sometimes gets dry and at other times it becomes extremely oily. OK lets just say I have very weird skin and this face wash helps calm it down!

What it does?
I went to my dermatologist with complaints of oiliness and she prescribed the Derclean face wash along with this product here. I have been using this face wash regularly for the past 2 years, morning and night. This face wash has helped control oil production on my face and does so in a very gentle manner. It is not in the least bit drying nor does it make skin feel tight and stripped like some oil control face washes do ('Fash' face wash I am looking at you!). Since using this my skin has become a lot less oily and the spots have gone down a lot too. For the occasional spot I use my HG spot treatment reviewed here. It has also helped reduce the appearance of pores around my nose region.

How I use it?
It is a clear gel with a very very mild fragrance, which I really really like. It gives the product a very clean feeling. I take a little bit and massage it on to my face for a minute or two concentrating around the corners of the nose and the forehead. I repeat this procedure during the day. At night however I do this step after using my HG makeup remover. I don't do this every night, maybe 3 times a week to give my face a deep cleanse. I am always left with squeaky clean skin, with no traces of excess oil. I find that my foundations have started to fare better on my skin since using this face wash.

Overall it is a very very good face wash that on continuous use helps control oil secretion in your face in turn reducing the number of spots that develop. It works without drying the skin or blocking pores. Infact it helps reduce the appearance of pores. I highly recommend this face wash to people with very oily skin. 

Price - Rs 224 from a pharmacy in Chennai (Not too sure, around that price).

Would I repurchase? YES! I have been repurchasing this for 2 years now and always have at least 2 backups with me in London.