Friday, 9 August 2013

My Holy Grail Lip Treatment - Barriederm Lip Balm Reviews & Photos

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**CRAZY long intro alert** I have a very very bad habit of biting my lips and peeling the skin off of it, to the point where at times I would even have painful cuts and blood stains on my lips. Yes very dracula-esque! This habit was at its worst possible stage during my school days and in college during exams! I used to do it without even realising I was doing it. Guess those were very stressful times and this helped calm me down or something?! Anywho this nasty behaviour left my lips not only bruised and ugly looking but also completely drained of any pinkness in them. They used to look almost white and plain nasty. The first thing anyone noticed in my face was my lips, not in a good way of course. I wanted to change that and I started working on not biting the heck out of them. Slowly I grew out of that habit, I still do it but only when I am extremely stressed which is not that often at all (touchwood!).

My lips started getting some life back once I

 stopped biting them so much, but they still were not in their best possible state. So off I went to my dermatologist asking why I had just nasty looking lips. And she asks "What is wrong with them?"! I wanted to shout "well what is wrong with YOU?"! Instead I said I want normal looking lips and not these! So she prescribed two lip balms in case one wasn't available in the shops. One was Blistex and the other one is this. Blistex was not available in any of the pharmacies I enquired and Barriederm I found in a big pharmacy in Chennai. So availability might be an issue and so is the price. This rather small 15ml tube cost Rs 650!!! I would NEVER spend that much on a lip balm, but I really wanted my lips to be treated and at that price I was intrigued to see if it was a miracle product afterall. When I told my husband how much it cost, he responded with "maybe it is made of gold"!

Phew! That's the intro done! Now moving on to the important bit...
How does it perform?! I have been using it EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT since I purchased the balm. It has greatly helped heal my lips which are now "normal" looking. Even my husband uses it during the winter time and he is not in the slightest bit into creams and lotions! He uses this and my Clinique DDMG, which says a lot about the two products! 

Consistency and How-I-Apply (No swatches, sorry. It literally looks like vaseline petroleum jelly, nothing fancy at all!)
It is a clear petoleum jelly consistency and comes out in a very thin string due to the small opening in the tube. I apply a very small amount and dab the lips together. It is not greasy or runny, mainly it does not  make my lips slippery or yucky feeling. I apply it every morning after a shower and every night before I go to bed and the next morning my lips feel plumped and extremely smooth. However I do not think this effect is permanent, in the sense if I stop using it for a week my lips would become dried out. They might not go back to their old nasty self but they wont stay smooth and plump either. So I think this lip balm is not a permanent treatment but just a lip balm that temporarily treats your lips. For me that is not a major con, because between the two of us this tube has lasted 10 months now and is still going strong, that would make it an expenditure of Rs 60 a month. I would easily spend that amount on a normal drugstore lip balm like Nivea or vaseline which don't work as well on me. I have not bought any other lip balm in all these months.

Now for the product lowdown -

Does the product deliver? YES it does! It has truly met my expectations!

Is it worth the money? It totally is. It cost Rs 650 and has lasted me 10 months now and is still going strong. So that makes it Rs 60 per month, which I am used to spending on buying lip balms which are sat prettily next to the billing counter, they dont even work as well and they get lost in my bermuda triangle of a handbag long before they get enough love anyways. It is not even that expensive considering how long it lasts.

Would I re-purchase? I will, infact I am getting one on my next trip to chennai... which is in 10 days time yayyy!

Do I recommend? I do, very highly. For those with extremely chapped lips, where normal lip balms fail to deliver, this one certainly will heal and seal your lips to smoothness!