Thursday, 8 August 2013

My favourite shoes from my shoe closet

This is a sneak peek into soem of my favourite shoes and those that I wear ALL the time. Apart from the ones shown here I have a gazillion other pairs which are either burried away in the shoe cupboard or tied up in plastic bags and long forgotten! No matter how  many pairs I hoard I always go back to these once the novelty of the new pair wears off!

Black/Golden velvet ballerina shoes

I absolutely adore these ballerinas. They go with absolutely everything, because they are black and golden. They look really classy too with the bow and the golden J in front. I bought these in Jones and they cost somewhere in the Rs 2000 range. They hurt my feet like crazy the first few times, but they are now broken in and are very comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Golden flowery sandals

These are my go-to summer flat sandals. They are thong sandals with the golden flower cut-outs stuck on the thong. They looks gorgeous with toe nails painted red and are surprising comfortable even on long walks! I bought these at a Fiorelli outlet in London ages ago, and dont remember what I paid for them.

Summer 2013 sandals

These are my summer sandals for 2013 and yes they are black! I was tempted to get a hot pink pair, but I have done this in the past, yield to temptation and get shoes which I then never wear or wear once or twice and forget about them. Because styling those shoes is often an effort in its own and I am the kind who thinks of what shoe to wear just when I am heading out the door and I always reach for the safest option. And these definitely are safe shoes in terms of colour and heel height. I am not comfortable wearing heels and these are just right. I even wear these to work at times.

These are genuine leather and great quiality ones picked from Clarks for about Rs 3500.

Black grandma shoes!

These are a clarks flat shoes that cost about Rs 3000! They look hideous but are so damn comfortable! Like most clarks shoes these are genuine leather too and I wear these to work almost every single day without feeling any shame in front of all those nude/black Christian Loboutin pumps with towering heels!

I like the fact that the heel is a different colour to the rest of the shoe and recently I saw a Chinese granny wearing this while taking her grandson on a walk. I think she gave me a small smile while crossing the road, I think we might become shoe-buddies soon :D 

My black pumps

These are my solution to not being able to walk in heels but still wanting a pair of black pumps. These are from Clarks too and cost Rs 4500! They are patent, they are pointy and they are damn comfortable. The sole is Clarks trademark cushiony sole and my feet say "awww" everytime I wear these. Even though they only have a tiny kitten heel, it is a heel nevertheless and so I dont show them enough love.

They look better worn than in the picture below. By now you should have noticed a pattern if you bothered reading this far! Most of my go-to shoes are from Clarks, I think they make the world's most comfy shoes!

Converse All star

 I saved the best for the last! My comfy comfy converse all star. These are my only pair and they are navy. I am currently lusting over the turquoise, peach, sky blue, read, hot pink... heck I would buy they in every possible colour if I could. They are truly the most comfortable things my feet have come across. And the more worn they are the better they look. I wear them with absolutely everything, from cute floral dresses to jeans and checked shirts. They give a bit of edginess to any outfit, which I really like.

These cost Rs 3200

Yellow Plimsole

These are not the All Star converse. I bought these at New Look for Rs 800. I honestly cannot tell even the slightest difference between these and the actual All Star pair, except for the brand name. Love these as much as the ones above.

Let me know if you liked any of my shoe picks or even if you hated every one of them ;)