Saturday, 10 August 2013

MAC 116 blush brush - Review & Photos

The MAC 116 brush is my first blush brush and the only blush brush I have. I have not found the need to buy a different one because this one is absolutely perfect! You could ask how I know it is perfect if I have not tried any other. I would argue by saying that I have not found a single issue with it so far, so have not had the need to look further. I love how it precisely applies product and how it picks up just enough to not give me clown cheeks. And there is zero product being wasted in the air. It is always best to build up blush rather than end up with too much at one shot and having to wipe it off later. Read on to see how it performs and how it has stood the test of time!

MAC 116 blush brush - The one in the middle

My thoughts on MAC brushes in general

I have mostly MAC brushes in my collection apart from a few Sigma and ELF brushes. All the MAC ones are truly great quality. I bought all of them about 3 years ago and they are still as good as new. I had some issues with the big fluffy powder brush (134 I think) when I was using it to apply my favourite MAC foundation reviewed here. I felt a strange itching everytime I used the brush and then discovered much to my embarassment that I had left the brush unwashed for too long (Read a month :O) and that had caused the bristles to stiffen due to product buil-up. After washing it with baby shampoo, it was back to being its soft fluffy self and stopped irritating my skin. Since then I have been judiciously washing them every single week. They all wash really well without shedding and dry overnight.

Overall MAC brushes are a real investment and I think they are worth every penny we spend on them. I think it is better to  have one perfect brush to do the job rather than 10 cheap brushes. And the better the tools, the better the makeup application. There is no point in spending thousands on cosmetics and being stingy with accessories. We need great tools to do justice to all those beautiful blushers sitting in our vanity. OK sermon truly over!!!

OK, not yet, just one more thing to add, according to me owning one great brush is minimalistic and highly reduces the maintenance effort you need to put into them!


My thoughts on the 116 blush brush

If you want just one blush brush in your collection that does what it is supposed to do perfectly then invest in this 116 brush. The bristles are soft yet stiff enough to not just touch the blush and bend off but to pick up the right amount of product for a single application, does that make sense?! It glides along the cheek effortless without poking or creating friction distributing the blush evenly at the same time not wasting any product at all.

Washing and maintenance

As for maintenance, I wash it once a week with any regular shampoo and leave it to dry overnight. The next morning it is completely dry and very soft. I prefer washing it once in a while with a cheapy shampoo that has loads of sulphate etc in it so that it makes it even softer. The brush does not shed and after 3 years it still is very effective.


Has it passed the test of time?!

It has travelled with me A LOT. I have crammed it into small crappy makeup bags or sometimes even in suitcase compartments, but the bristles have not changed shape. The picture above was taken yesterday and you can see how it looks shapely and pretty new, where it actually is 3 years old and I have used it every single day, I am not even kidding. I truly LOVE me some blush!


Would I recommend?

I cannot recommend it HIGHLY enough. It truly is an amazing tool.



Around Rs1950 I think (£29 in the UK, which is Rs 2700 due to the crazy exchange rate right now. Guess this is the right time to buy things from India!). I might be terribly wrong with this pricing. Correct me if I am!