Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ponds Age Miracle Day Cream Review

I bought the ponds age miracle day cream on recommendation from my neighbour aunty in Chennai. She uses it and she looks very fresh all day, morning, mid-afternoon and evening!!! When I asked her what product she uses she said "Some cream by ponds, the one with the red cap" :P

I do not really care for anti-ageing stuff, not that I want to age quickly, but it is going to take a lot  more than a small tub of cream to convince me that I can get younger looking skin!
Moreover I never ever ever want to go back to my skin when I was 18 or even 24 for that matter because I suffered from active acne most of my teens and early 20s. Right now I am at a skin happy stage (touch-wood) and want to keep it that way going forward. But I suffer from dull skin. By afternoon my face looks like it has been covered with a dark veil and I look like I've had a very rough day. So I was hoping the day cream will help me achieve that fresh look it seems to give my neighbour.

My thoughts on the cream:

I have been using it regularly for the past 8 months and it has become a daily staple of mine in the mornings. It is a very light cream and goes on pretty smooth and gets absorbed into the skin instantly. This is not in the least bit greasy unlike some face creams that make you want to wash hands with soap. The cream itself has a slight iridescence which is only visible in bright light. It is not shiny but just gives your skin a slight lift and makes you look fresh immediately after application. It has not fully helped me fight the "dark veil" effect, on some days I still look very dull but on other days I look pretty fresh until late evening and I think all credit goes to this cream. 

Can you see the iridescence?!

It is not particularly  moisturising. I have combination to oily skin. Most days I skip using a moisturiser under this, but sometimes that leaves my skin feeling dry especially around the nose area. So dry skin girls might need to use a separate moisturiser. Other than this minor qualm I highly recommend this cream for anyone looking for a light day cream that gives your skin a clean and fresh look. It's anti-ageing claim is an added bonus as well, if it works that is.

Would I re-purchase? I tested it out with the smaller tub that sells for Rs 99, used it up completely and then bought the full size which I think retails for Rs 450 about 6 months ago. It is still going strong and I will definitely re-purchase once this runs out.

I also love the night cream in this range and have reviewed it here.