Friday, 5 July 2013

My first experience with OPI Nail Lacquer – Tickle my France-y

Nail polish is one of those things I do not like spending a lot of money on.

1)      I do not wear it that often and
2)      There are a number of cheap polishes that give really great results

OPI polishes are expensive. My nearest John Lewis stock them and I think they are priced at £12 each, nail lacquer priced in double digits :O

But being a beauty/fashion blog addict, I have come across so many reviews of OPI polishes and literally not one talks negatively about them. All rave about what great quality the polishes are and how they stay on chip free for so long! So I have been wanting to try them for the longest of times but could never justify spending that money.  When I saw a recent groupon promotion, 5 OPI polishes for £18, I was all over it!

There are a million reviews online of this shade called Tickle my France-y. It is definitely a pinky nude and tends to almost give me mannequin hands but I love that effect. So fresh and professional! However I am not so sure about the consistency. I found it extremely runny and thin, for a second I thought the company that sold the groupon might have used a thinner or something to make up for the over subscription they received! I expected the polish to be thick and creamy and go on opaque in one coat. But this one needed three coats to conceal everything and it still did not give me a uniform finish. I found it very difficult to work with as well and it took ages to dry. I was expecting to love the product, I do love the colour but not so much the consistency. I feel a bit disappointed that something that has such great reviews failed to wow me.

I can’t wait to try the other OPI polishes that came in the set. Hopefully I will find a few in there that I fall in love with just like millions of girls out there that have! What are your favourite nail lacquers at the moment? And tell me if you have had such experiences with OPI?


  1. Such a pretty shade.. Drool !

    1. Hi Aarthi, I dropped you an email sometime back :D It is so nice to see you here :)