Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blush Love - MAC Gingerly - Review & Swatches

This post has been long due since I always felt a tinge of guilt that I haven't yet written about my most favourite item of all in my makeup collection. Not just among blushers but amongst all products because the effect a single swipe of this product creates is pretty awesome!

Until I took pictures of this  blush I was thinking this is a matte blush. It apparently belongs in the sheertone family. Blushes in this category tend to be moderate in pigmentation with no shimmer and need a bit of building up to show up on skin. But Gingerly is far from that. I dip my MAC 124 blush brush into it and a single swipe gives my cheeks that beautiful sun kissed flush and adds a good dose of warmth to the skin.

I am always looking for blushers in this colour family as I have grown out of the pink/coral cheeks phase and I always compare any new purchases with Gingerly. That is how I ended up buying this Body Shop blusher which is another beautiful product in the same colour family. This blush will suit the dusky skin tones best(I am an NC42) as it might look muddy on the fairer ones.

Do not be put off by how it looks in the pan. I highly recommend you try this blush if you are a medium skin tone girl looking for an awesome MAC blush.

Would I repurchase? Without a doubt YES! I adore this blusher!


  1. You hit the pan already ! This is my first blush from MAC n I really really really love it :D

    1. haha ya! I use it the most amongst all my blushes :D

      I am eyeing MAC Format... Have you tried it?