Monday, 22 July 2013

Biotique Bio mud face mask review

Over the years I have tried several biotique products like their soaps, eye creams etc. It is one of those brands I have made up my mind about that all their products are gimmicky and nothing actually works. But everytime I go into a health n glow store to do my last minute shopping before my flight to london, I get sucked into buying something from them because my mind is already thinking in british pounds. Last time i was in chennai i bought this mud mask from them because at £2 (Rs 199) what did I have to lose right?!

My thought about the mask: I am glad I picked it up because this mask actually makes a difference on my skin. I use it once in two weeks. I apply a nice thick layer and leave it on for about 15 mins. The first time I washed it off I had absolutely zero expectation from it, so was pleasantly surprised to see my skin feeling softer and smoother. It claims to firm the skin and it stands true to that claim. The morning after, my skin looked radiant and firmer than usual, to the point where my friend asked if I got a facial! A complement is always a good thing right!

Would I recommend? I have oily skin, so this mask doesn't dry my skin out. Dry skin girls might need follow it up with a good moisturiser which is expected out of any mud mask. I do recommend this biotique product but advise you to steer clear of their eye gel and eye creams. They are absolutely useless! Sorry if I hurt any biotique fans out there!

Do let me know if you are reading this and love their products. I look forward to discovering their hidden gems if any.

PS: A note of caution - The first time I applied this on my face it absolutely scared my one year old. She was in tears, I am not even exaggerating! lol