Friday, 14 June 2013

My makeup journey: How I purchased my first MAC items!

Hiya! Welcome to my blog dedicated to my thoughts on all things beauty!!!

I have been fascinated by makeup ever since I was a little girl. Back then all I owned was a palette passed on to me by an aunt who was gifted the palette for her wedding. I still remember it contained a blue shadow, maroon lipstick and a fuchsia cream blusher. It even had a mascara tube in it which had gone completely dry and rancid. Back then though I did not know what the tube was for! Anyhoo the point is, that palette made me so happy I spent hours together just looking at it trying the products on while being careful not to dent the cream blusher! When I got a little bit older I started using products by an Indian brand Lakme, which had cult status back then! Looking back at the products I owned makes me want to cringe, lipsticks were always maroon/red, nail varnish was always maroon/red and blusher was considered a clown’s accessory by my mom, so was not allowed to buy any! But every time I got my hands on a lakme lipstick my heart genuinely skipped a beat!

Things changed when I moved to UK to pursue my higher education. I discovered the YouTube makeup community and was delighted to find this huge circle dedicated to beauty. Beauty videos gave me so much happiness. It was a hobby of mine while trying to pass lonely cold winter days in my dorm room. I got introduced to MAC and decided to treat myself to a few MAC products. I went to a MAC counter and told the SA I was a complete newbie. He was very sweet and gave me a full makeover. The colour matching process felt a bit like how Harry Potter would have felt wearing the sorting hat. I had a moment there getting branded an NC42! LOL. This is how I bought my first MAC blusher – Plum foolery, MAC lipstick – Midi mauve and MAC powder – MSF natural.

All these products with absolutely no tools to use them! MAC brushes are expensive and for a student on my budget they were practically unattainable. So I went on to buy some £1 ELF brushes. And since then I have used quite a few products mostly from MAC and the drugstore. This blog is dedicated to my thoughts on these products with some skin care and hair care thoughts sprinkled in as well. Hope you all like! :)

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